Rattan Bag Craft Ideas For Decorating

These rattan crafted bags are easily available from Ikea or shop that sell handcrafted bags and clothing. To spruce up one of these ethnic bags to look trendy is very easy. A visit to your local craft store will yield a lot of decorating item options. A good section to start looking is the buttons section. Nowadays, buttons come in all shapes and sizes. Another section you could look in is the stationary section. Here you will probably find little decorative items for personalizing parcels, gifts and letters. These items work just as well. Alternatively, you could also go to a women section of a department store to look for a trendy scarf or long bandana. The choices are endless and limited only to your imagination.

Bag craft

Below are felt flowers normally sold in a pack of ten pieces. These are easy to use and attach to the bag. Just arrange them on the bag in a design you like. You will require a hot glue gun to attach them to your bag.

Bag craft

These are single eye buttons. Attaching these require a title more work. There is a single eye loop behind each button and you wil need embroidery thread and a needle to sew these buttons on. They are a lot more permanent as will not detach easily like a glued item yet easy to change designs when you want.

Bag craft

These are embroidery braids and ribbons which comes in many colors and design. You can either sew them on by hand using a running stitch or use a hot glue gun to attach it. Ribbons and braids can be used in single or multiple rows depending on the look and style you want.

Bag craft

The most versatile design is to use a fashionable scarf or choose award that would compliment your dressing for the day. Scarves can be tied in a variety of styles and knots. They also provide a softer and more feminine touch to your bag accessories.

Bag craft

This is a simple bow knot tied using a soft scarf. Silk scarves are a little more stiff but they do hold the shape better. With scarves, you can change the overall look of your dressing for the day with an ethnic look, ranging from casual to sophisticated.

Bag craft

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